K A Bowen
This book defies convention. If you are looking for an alternative read, this book is for you. I have never read anything like this. It is totally unique.
It is an intense thriller that makes you feel like you are a fly on the wall of the protagonist's mind.
The author has written this with a poets pen, as the imagery is so vivid. My words in this review cannot do the book enough justice.
Needless to say I am fan and cannot wait for another book from this author.
Louise Woods
I really enjoyed this book. At first it seemed a little short compared to what I’m used to, however the content was clearly so concentrated that it never felt any less complex. Very poetic, very original, certainly an author to watch out for.
Elisabeth R.
Better than the coke face cream tale.
a great first book for this young author,kept you intrigued right until the end
Definitely worth a read but not your standard story by any means.

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