About Project

The story was never intended to be about madness but by madness, the writing style and timing in particular were crafted to capture the corrupt logic of madness. This was never intended to entertain the mainstream audience, I was attempting a more… artistic approach.

There are two main concepts within this story in which the character uses to justify himself. Time exists only as a single frame, everything before the current frame is no more real than that of a dream.

The other concept is that you, or be it, your brain, and with it all your thoughts and actions, are simply webs of algorithms collecting data from the memories and experience given to you. Thus, all actions are potentially predictable responses and in a sense, predetermined.

Without a past there is no guilt, and without a choice there is no blame.


The Conscience of Consciousness follows the thoughts of a mind as it dissolves into a clustered clarity. I’ve tried to capture the process of madness to a clear mind. The protagonist is not innately bad, but through unfortunate events he became bad. For however long he has been blocking out his undesired actions, essentially living two lives. Bad him becoming Derik, whilst good him starts to fixate his thoughts on time. His obsessive nature persists to cloud his thoughts and as a result he is distracted by the loss of time in which he is Derik. Trouble is, in the traumatic event of Robin's death, his two-life world crumbles as every blocked out thought in his head returns to him. Due to his obsession with time, he still persists to value his innocence, and believes to be travelling time. It soon becomes apparent that his travel of time is in fact returning memories. And just as his realisation comes to pass that he is Derik, his mind had already conceived a justification for his actions.

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